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2014 Licensing Round


The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, represented by the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy (MMIE), and GEPetrol, the National Oil Company, has launched an international competitive bidding round for open acreage in Equatorial Guinea.

The bidding round is termed the Equatorial Guinea 2014 Licensing Round.

Acreage in the round includes:

    • Relinquished areas in the Niger Delta (Offshore)
    • Relinquished areas in the Douala Basin (Offshore)
    • Relinquished areas in the Rio Muni Basin (Offshore)
    • Frontier acreage south of Bioko Island
    • Frontier acreage surrounding Annobon

The Equatorial Guinea 2014 Licensing Round was officially opened on the 16th June 2014. The closing date for submission of applications in Malabo, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, has now been extended to 18:00 hrs local time on 30 November 2014.

For companies wishing to participate in the Licensing Round an overview of the Application Procedures can be found below. These procedures may be updated from time to time as the round proceeds. All updates will be published on this website.

If you have any further queries, requests for clarification or additional information please refer to the contact details provided within the Application Procedures.

Map of Available Acreage
(Click for Acrobat version)