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The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy maintains a comprehensive database of exploration works carried out since the 1970's. All of the exploration data has been archived into a fully integrated GIS database –access to the country-wide base dataset is available to all with permission from the MMIE; more detailed exploration results and processing is available to companies taking ground positions. Hard-copy reports include methodology and interpretation of the raw data, as well as country reviews and prospectivity reports. A catalogue of all available data is available which may be viewed prior to leasing. Data viewing, licensing and confidentiality arrangements are handled through RPS Energy in the UK


Highlights Of The Data Archive

  • In excess of 12,000 multi-element geochemical analyses, including soils, stream sediment and rock samples.
  • Over 3,000 heavy mineral counts from alluvial gravels
  • Over 2,300 analyses for gold, including several soil, alluvial and rock samples with tenors exceeding 40ppm Au.
  • Highly detailed infrastuctural layers, including topographic maps, GPS-, satellite-, and radar-located road and drainage networks and remote-sensing-based geological maps.
  • Detailed reports by BRGM and international consultants on geochemical result interpretation, target models, and evaluation and logistical considerations.

Example from Rio Muni GIS Database