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January 8th 2007
Ministry Seek Bids for Petroleum Sector Auditors

January 15th 2007
Agreement Relating to Exportation of Cameroon Natural Gas to Equatorial Guinea

February 6th 2007
Release of the 2006 Model Contract

March 2007
2006 Mining Law
Law 9/2006 has now been ratified by Parliament
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(Spanish - Original) (English Translation)

March 9th 2007
Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy - Audit Company Contract Bid Press Release
(Spanish - Original) (English Translation)

April 2nd 2007
The Equatorial Guinea 2006 Licensing Round Closed on Saturday March 31st

April 20th 2007
Adjudicacion De Contratos De Auditorias Petroliferas Del 2007

May 18th 2007
The Equatorial Guinea 2006 Licensing Round Extension Period for Applications
(Spanish Original) (English Translation)

June 25th 2007
New Discovery in Block I Announced

July 11th 2007
2006 Licensing Round Update

September 14th 2007
2006 Licensing Round Bid Review Latest