Latest news - 28th and 29th April, 2015 - Economic Forum Activities with PRC

Sociedad Nacional de Gas de Guinea Ecuatorial (SONAGAS, G.E.), the National Gas Company of Equatorial Guinea, was formed in January 2005

SONAGAS, G.E is responsible for the State's participation in all gas related projects in Equatorial Guinea. These are currently:


Bioko Methanol Plant operated by the Atlantic Methanol Production Company (AMPCO) Consortium:

  • Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Noble Energy
  • Sonagas (10%)

Takes 115 mmcfd from the Alba Field
Currently produces 20,000 bpd



Punta Europa Liquified Petroleum Gas plant operated by:

  • Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Noble Energy
  • Sonagas (10%)

Uses Alba gas stream
22,500 bpd propane, butane and LPG.


Equatorial Guinea Liquified Natural Gas Plant (EG LNG)

Train 1: 3.7 tonnes from 2007

  • Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Noble Eneregy
  • Sonagas (25%)

Train 2: At feasibility stage
Gas supply agreements with Nigeria and Cameroon