Infrastructure – Luba Port

Luba Freeport is a new water port and oil service logistics base that is being developed on the west coast of Bioko Island. Construction work began in March 2000 and the port became operational in early 2002. Luba is JV between Gepetrol and Luba Freeport Ltd.

The development of Luba includes 100 hectares adjacent to the city of Luba, located on the west side of Bioko Island about 40 km via road from the main city and Malabo International Airport. Bioko Island is located in the center of Gulf Guinea and Luba Port occupying a strategic location on the coast of West Africa. Sea-distance estimates to other regional centers are 660 km to Lagos, 220 km to Port Harcourt, 160 km to Douala, 210 km to Kribi, Cameroon, 270 km to Bata, Rio Muni (The Onshore Enclave of Equatorial Guinea) and 390 Km to Libreville, Gabon.

These developments include world-class ports and dockyard facilities by dating for oil-going ships, oil field logistics bases with warehouse facilities, storage and workshops and fabrication, repairs, and maintenance bases that are able to handle deep water drilling rigs. Freeport also offers the benefits of the autonomic duty free zone with 24-hour customs and immigration regimes and fuel storage and bunkering services.

Luba Harbor has unlimited sea access in all states of the tide. Jetty water in has enough water to ship up to 10m draft. Loading dolphins have a 12m water depth on the side of the ocean. The port has a helicopter landing bearing and there is a good road access to Malabo (enhanced in 2000) and other parts of Bioko.